Editing Policies

To become a co-editor of this wiki, add or maintain pages, please write an e-mail to webmaster@ms-utils.org.

Do not change the layout or formatting of any of the existing pages, and use the existing headings and subheadings as far as possible (or suggest better ones). The tools are listed in alphabetical order under each heading or subheading. Provide a brief (one line in a typical browser window) summary of the software tool on the Software List page. The intended audience is anyone facing a data analysis problem in mass spectrometry or proteomics asking the questions "has this problem already been solved?" and "is there a free program or script that can help me?" Many programs are limited to data formats from a particular vendor whereas others use open formats such as mzXML or mzML. This would be very useful to indicate in the short descriptor for each entry.

Additional pages can be added as necessary just like in any other wiki. ms-utils.org also works as a lightweight repository for some of the software tools on the Software List page. If you want to upload large files or example datasets, please contact webmaster@ms-utils.org. You may want to consider making your software available on GitHub first though.