COMICS is an interactive web platform for integration and cartoon-style visualization of omics expression data in zebrafish and carp model systems. Anatomical ontologies are used to map omics data across experiments and between experiments and a particular visualization. COMICS is built on top of the ZFA ontology with its rich controlled vocabulary and defined hierarchy, and uses the ontoCAT R package to aggregate data for comparison and visualization. Libraries from the QGIS geographical information system are used with the R packages maps and maptools to visualize and interact with molecular expression data in anatomical drawings of zebrafish and carp model systems.

Download COMICS as a Docker image here.

Alternatively, COMICS can be accessed from GitHub here.

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COMICS is copyright (c) 2016 Dmitrii Travin, Iaroslav Popov, Dmitry Medvedev, Arzu Tugce G├╝ler and Magnus Palmblad

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